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"A very good organization, it was very interesting, rich, diversified, high level of science, multinational experimented personalities who share their knowledge with us, unforgetable moments. I will come back next year."

Selma HABOUCHI 医师 在 IMCAS World Congress 2020 整形外科医师, 阿尔及利亚

"IMCAS is considered to be one of the best congresses to attend due to the fact that it covers a large variety of esthetic topics and which is presented in a clear and informative way so every physician feels at the end that he learned something and that he will be able to implement it in his practice for best patient outcome."

Michel EL HAJJ 医师 在 IMCAS World Congress 2020 面部整形外科医师, 黎巴嫩

"I loved the simultaneous anatomy and live surgery sessions. please continue with those. The combination is quite unique, all other meetings present one or the other."

Bianca KNOLL 医师 在 IMCAS World Congress 2020 整形外科医师, 德国