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Asia 2019

聚焦 S084

Open stage talks: lasers & EBD

会议室: Courtyard
日期: 2019年 7月 6日 星期六 从 12:00 至 13:00
组织形式: 公开演讲 > 位于展区内的专用讲台,专门用于公开演讲,由专业视听团队为演讲者进行录制
> 组织安排:
> 无主持人


小时 讲者 演讲标题 讲稿摘要 数字
12:00 A combination of non-ablative fractional Q-switched 1,064-nm with focused depth controlled technology and quasi long pulse 1064mn YAG for improvement 查看 84639
12:12 Dermoscopy facilitates laser treatment of pigmented lesions in patients with darker skin types 查看 87909
12:24 The effect of cold therapy and transepidermal nerve stimulation on weight loss and inch loss 查看 86903
12:36 The comparison between Er:Yag and CO2 laser for male circumcision 查看 84291
12:48 Treating acne vulgaris patients who are resistant to oral isotretinoin with intense pulsed light (IPL) 查看 86826
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