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IMCAS World Congress 2020

聚焦 S113 TO S120

Open Stage talks

会议室: Courtyard (Exhibition hall - level 1)
日期: 2020年 1月 30日 星期四 从 08:30 至 18:30
组织形式: 公开演讲 > 位于展区内的专用讲台,专门用于公开演讲,由专业视听团队为演讲者进行录制
> 组织安排:
> 无主持人


小时 讲者 演讲标题 讲稿摘要 数字
08:54 Local anesthetic minimally invasive liposuction (LAMS) with capistrano super-wet hypotonic tumescent technique: its’ safety and benefit 查看 100138
09:06 1064nm Nd:YAG laser assisted liposuction for the treatment of gynecomastia: a case series of 311 patients 查看 99582
09:18 Labiaplasty for non-cosmetic gynecologists: how to be a hero 查看 99997
09:30 Using eyelids fat compartments in facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty 查看 99713
09:42 New trends in aesthetic medicine: contouring - Threads vs fillers 查看 98913
09:54 Combination of transmucous and transcutaneous treatment of periorbital region with Er:YAG laser 查看 98813
10:06 Neck recontouring using a combination approach: an alternative to surgical rhytidectomy 查看 96621
10:18 Non-surgical rhinoplasty: the nose cross threads technique 查看 98515
10:30 Beauty concepts and facial proportions: a guide towards more beautiful aesthetic results 查看 96678
10:42 Lips rejuvenation and volumization 查看 98277
10:54 Patient satisfaction with absorbable anchoring facial threads 查看 98534
11:06 Italian ketogenic diet 查看 95306
11:18 Clinical experience of laser treatment of acne conglobate with concomitant oral isotretinoin 查看 99051
11:30 Lips architecture: age aspects of augmentation 查看 98982
11:42 Facial asymmetry and orhtodontics 查看 97733
11:54 A systematic review on the vascular complications following injection rhinoplasty with HA fillers 查看 99089
12:06 Approach to laser treatment of colored skin patients 查看 99201
12:18 IPL for the treatment of rosacea resistant to doxycycline and metronidazole gel 查看 99274
12:30 Live demonstration - Cutaneous echography device 100830
13:00 LUNCH BREAK 99064
14:00 Correction of gluteal area with threads 查看 100236
14:12 Full-face aesthetic treatment involving several treatment modalities may improve facial aesthetic outcome 查看 99266
14:24 Correlation between facial muscle movements and facial wrinkles 查看 99261
14:36 SM lips - New injection technique for lip augmentation 查看 99499
14:48 A prognostic tool for hypertrophic scar formation based on fundamental differences in systemic immunity 查看 99503
15:00 Outcome and safety of tear-trough filler injection using a cannula technique 查看 99507
15:12 High power mid-infrared 1540nm Erbium: Glass fractional laser: facial rejuvenation by dermal coagulation 查看 99626
15:24 Clinical study of anti aging effect of sequential applications of biositmulating peeling device and booster injections 查看 100016
15:36 Liposuction assisted deep plan face lift 查看 100159
15:48 Combination of low-power fractional CO₂ laser with Kligman's formula and topical methimazole 5% in the treatment of moderate to severe melasma 查看 100164
16:00 Evaluation of the efficacy of drug delivery performed with ablative micropoints with Erbium Yag laser in androgenetic alopecia 查看 100137
16:12 Solving the puzzle of High Definition Liposuction - A restrospective study of 368 cases 查看 100171
16:24 Gut and skin microbiome: looking into the future of skin and anti-ageing treatments 查看 100311
16:36 Laser with optical micro-fiber, microfocalized ultrasound with vision system and guided subcision for global non-surgical buttock remodeling 查看 100502
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