"The most enjoyable and the best teaching conference I attended"

"This was the most outstanding IMCAS as well as multi-specialty cosmetic meeting I have ever attended. The panels were successful and all tasks I was involved with were objective, relevant and unbiased."

Dr Gary D MONHEIT Dermatologist, United States

"Excellent academic conference. You did a fabulous job. The meeting, accomodations, and the gala were truly outstanding. You have built and organized a meeting which is truly impressive. I continue to be impressed by your meeting, in organization, scope, and quality."

Pr Jonathan SYKES Facial plastic surgeon, United States

"It was absolutely spectacular this year and everyone was commenting on how incredible things were and how easy you and your team make it look. Thank you so much. "

Dr Michael H GOLD Dermatologist, United States

...and hundreds of additional amazing testimonials received at each congress...
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