Biofibre® Hair Care Set

Automatic Biofibre® Hair Implant is a modern baldness solution to treat male and female alopecia problem and as remedy to the unaesthetic effects of hair thinning. The most important aspect of Biofibre® Hair Implant maintenance is linked with the personal hygiene and proper after care. Biofibre® Hair Care Set has been specially devised to optimize Biofibre® Hair Implant results and duration. These products are the most suitable solution for the care and hygiene for the scalp of Biofibre® Hair Implant patients. The Biofibre® Hair Care Set contains: BIOFIBRE® Hair Comfort, a cleansing foam to wash the scalp BIOFIBRE® DermaClean, a sanitising spray for the hygiene of the scalp BIOFIBRE® SeboCare, an anti-sebum spray to prevent the appearance of anti-aesthetic comedos a small brush to perform regular cleaning of the scalp The same products are also available as individual pieces. BIOFIBRE® Hair Comfort is a pH 7 (neutral) cleansing foam for regular hygiene of the scalp. Its gentle purifying action ensures effective cleansing of the scalp, while respecting the most sensitive types of skin. The composition of BIOFIBRE® Hair Comfort shampoo is hypoallergenic, free of paraben, soap and SLES, and it guarantees gentle washing without leaving any residue left after rinsing. The calming action of rose water and panthenol will preserve the look and comfort of a healthy skin, thus making this shampoo an ideal product for hair implant after care, both immediately after the treatment, and for daily use. BIOFIBRE® DermaClean is a sanitizing spray for regular hygiene. It is perfect to keep the scalp clean during the first weeks (3° and 4°) after the treatment. Its composition is alcohol free and the ingredients have been specially selected to guarantee a mild and effective action without being aggressive to the implanted skin. BIOFIBRE® DermaClean is very quick and easy to use and will guarantee the right level of hygiene of the scalp. This lotion ensures additional care and protection during the first weeks after the treatment, so it is perfect for the maintenance of Biofibre® Hair Implant to obtain the best results immediately after the procedure. BIOFIBRE® SeboCare is a sebum-balancing lotion. Its innovative composition is rich in premium natural substances, to guarantee a gentle and effective sebum-balancing and keratolytic action, while improving the hydration and elasticity of the skin. To be used starting from the 5° week after the treatment, the lotion stabilizes the production of sebum and removes the excess keratin, which, if not kept under control, may create comedos on the scalp. BIOFIBRE® SeboCare is therefore for preventing unaesthetic blackheads, which may eventually lead to the early fall of the fiber. The natural look of Biofibre® Hair Implant and its duration will therefore be preserved and maximised. These ready-to-use products are based on a formulation which has been conceived for the needs of Biofibre® Hair Implant patients, to guarantee the best the results in terms of maintenance and duration over time. CLEANING IS IMPORTANT At the 5° week after Biofibre® Hair Implant, the use of the Biofbre® brush (included in the box) is recommended for a gentle scrub and regular cleaning of the scalp. This simple gesture will prevent the appearance of unaesthetic comedones, while ensuring a good comfort of the scalp. Use: every 2 weeks, massage gently the scalp with the brush while washing with BIOFIBRE® Hair Comfort. For further information, please contact your implant clinic. Biofibre® Hair Implant is an aesthetic surgery procedure ensuring immediate result and a large quantity of hair in a short time with no patient downtime after the treatment. That will guarantee an optimal comfort for patients and their immediate return to a normal social life.

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Biofibre® – Biocompatible Artificial Hair produced by Medicap® is a Medical Device Approved for Hair Implant with CE 0373 and TGA Certifications . Preclinical, Clinical and Histological Studies confirm that Biofibre® hair is a safe and effective medical device for male and female Baldness (alopecia) solution and hair thinning remedy due to the following features: Biofibre® hair is made with safe approved material for medical use ; Biofibre® hair is biocompatible and well tolerated by the skin tissue which welcomes them; Biofibre® hair is made with advanced inert materials, not harmful for the human body and produces a keratin plug which obstacles microbial agents from penetrating the pseudo-infundibulum ; Biofibre® hair is resistant to flexing and tensile stress (over 300 gr.), does not break and allows a long-lasting aesthetic effect, as well as for the removal of the fibre, if needed; Biofibre® hair has a special reversible knot, which ensures an excellent strength of the implant and, in case of need, allows complete fibre removal without leaving scars; Biofibre® hair is soft, flexible, fine and strongly resistant, all features that favors a fast cicatrization and offers a long-lasting aesthetic result; Biofibre® hair is undetectable to natural hair: it is available in variations of 13 different color + white; Biofibre® hair is available in different length as 15 cm, 30 cm, 45 cm and different styles as straight, wavy, curly, afro; Like natural hair, Biofibre® hair has to be treated with suitable hair products as Biofibre®hair care set. Biofibre® Hair Implant is a anti aging procedure for male and female baldness (alopecia) solution and as hair thinning remedy, exclusively performed by qualified trained physicians in order to guarantee a good and lasting aesthetic result and with immediate psychological benefit to the patients worldwide.

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