March 8th
AUTHENTIC AND SAFE BEAUTY Protect your reputation and customers. Our market is global and multi-channel, and more and more consumers are wondering about the authenticity and safety of the products that they buy. So, you should be confident in knowing that there’s nothing more important to us than protecting you, our professionals, and our brand, 100% of the time. We know how important it is ensuring the products you offer your patients are the very best they can possibly be. So, here at FILLMED we have implemented and set in place the globally renowned ‘security authentication’ system PROOFTAG to all our products, to protect and prevent fraud and forgery from parallel markets and counterfeiting. Our traceability system enables us to track products from production to consumption and guarantees their authenticity. THIS PROTECTS YOU AGAINST : Parallel Markets: We make sure our brand products are ONLY sold through verified retailers and practices, and NOT available through unauthorized channels. Counterfeiting: Feel confident that all our products you use are 100% original and safe. Tampering: Your patients do not want products which may have been tampered or touched by others. Our packaging is sealed and protected to visually reassure you, and prevent tampering. Trust is about partnership, and integrity and quality are always at the very heart of what we do. Our promise is we can safely guarantee what you get will be 100% authentic.
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