Gluconolactone PEELS

Our skin has to cope with the effects of UV rays, stress, smoking and hormonal changes on a daily basis. These extrinsic and intrinsic factors leave their mark on the skin, especially on the epidermis on the face: small imperfections and age spots may appear; the complexion changes and pores tend to dilate. The surface of the skin acts as a mirror to our health and emotions and in turn also reflects the light, giving a glow to the face. When it alters, the result can mean a duller complexion. The Laboratoires FILLMED chemical peel can change that – it’s your solution to tired and stressed skin. Laboratoires FILLMED PEELS are recommended for combating the signs of aging (age spots, fine lines and wrinkles), for restoring a glow to dull, uneven skin and for generally improving the complexion. SO WHAT EXACTLY IS A SUPERFICIAL PEEL ? An exfoliating solution is applied to the face, neck and decollete – the amount is gauged to the individual skin type. By gently removing the upper layers of the epidermis (a carefully controlled process) the skin’s appearance is improved and cell renewal is accelerated. Your doctor is expert at determining the type of exfoliating solution that is best adapted for your skin and the results you are seeking. By including gluconolactone, Laboratoires FILLMED PEELS are specially designed for sensitive skin. Combined with other active ingredients, it reinforces therapeutic impact, improves tolerability and enhances overall results.