Spain Product - Devices A - Energy based devices: Lasers - Lights - Radiofrequency - Ultrasounds

Leaseir is a medical devices manufacturer with HQ in Spain, focused on developing cutting-edge technologies for the medical and aesthetic sector. With presence in more than 40 countries worldwide, Leaseir has the trust of some of its partners and clients including some the biggest medical and aesthetic clinics and chains, leading markets in Europe and Latin America, and now expanding to Middle East and Asia. Leaseir R&D team has a deep background in diode laser design, and the consequence is the best diode laser for hair removal portfolio in the market based on MHR and Ds platforms and a full range of handpieces to guarantee maximum efficacy in all skin types. Leaseir devices can be used during the whole year with safety and confort for patient and practitioner. Leaseir is an ISO 13485 company and the MHR platform has medical CE certificate.

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