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French Company, Designer & Manufacturer of Threads, 100% made in France Since 2007, Spring Thread® is the answer to reduce the facial skin sagging in the long term. Soft alternative to chirurgical process, Spring Thread® is made to be efficient by itself but also in combined treatments. It is the ideal solution without social eviction to get your face oval back. Technical characteristics: Elasticity: to obtain harmonious and natural result Flexible: for easy insertion in the tissues and precise handling Numerous cogs: to multiply the surface in contact with the thread for longlasting anchorage Spring Thread® is the French Aesthetic solution. Each stage of the manufacture is controlled perfectly to guarantee you a high-quality product. The CE Marking (Class IIb) as well as the compliance with the standard EN ISO 13485 are proof of the seriousness given to its production. Spring Thread® is present in more than 40 countries worldwide.

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