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T-LAB was established as T-Biotechnology Laboratory Aesthetics and Co in 2012. T-LAB’s main activity is regenerative medicine. T-LAB’s personnel is qualified and experienced in the sector for many years also working as partners with the quality companies such as manufacturers and suppliers, experienced luminary doctors, dealers in the sector. T-LAB’s first experience is acquired by manufacturing the PRP Kit according to all related standards. T-LAB has become a remarkable and admired brand from a small office to its own manufacturing factory in Turkey with high-quality standards. T-LAB specifically researches and develops the autologous systems, obtaining the regenerative group of tissue/cells in a safe, effective, easy and sterile in order to achieve the stimulation of soft tissue and bone healing. It is totally targeted to safe and effective procedures. It aims help to improve the future’s medicine with minimal invasive procedures.

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