Our permanent suspension thread, made of polyester and medical grade solid silicone, is named Infinite-Thread®. It is a CE marked permanent suspension thread, made in France, providing long-lasting and natural results for the patient encountering subcutaneous tissue sagging of the face and neck. Infinite-Thread® brings to the patient the quality of surgical facelift results without surgery. Infinite-Thread® answers the expectations of modern patients since the intervention can be performed under local anesthesia, ensures minimal downtime (24h) and keeps the natural features of the face without the downsides of heavy surgery. The patient can go back home right after the procedure and resumes to his normal life. Forget about the usual limitations of other threads. There is no contraindication to laughing, sleeping in any position, going to the sun or even practicing sport. Infinite-Thread® is invisible and insensitive under the skin (1.4mm wide). It can also be removable at any time and without any scar. Today Infinite-Thread® serve patients in 12 countries around the world, too young to accept the surgical alternative but also aware of the objective limit of the simple filler injections. The range of patients goes from 30 to 70+. The main part of the 400 Infinite-Thread® users are plastic surgeons. They have all been certified through a 1 to 1 extensive training with our main expert and inventor of the thread, Dr Jean-Paul Foumenteze (MD - France).
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