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IMCAS World Congress 2023


Room: E-poster area - Level 2
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Speakers Lecture title Abstract Number
Combined treatment of phototherapy, chemical peeling and topical combination of adapalene/benzoyl peroxide in patients with papulopustular acne View 123124
No-Laboratory Epidermal Cell Paste (NLEP) technique - A novel modification of non-cultured epidermal cell suspension View 122458
Technical evaluation and in-vitro studies of different CaHA-containing dermal fillers: considering the impact of particle characteristics on biostimulation (Sponsored by MERZ AESTHETICS) View 122889
The treatment for vulvovaginal atrophy symptoms in breast cancer patients under tamoxifen therapy: is the RF-electroporation synergy a good option? (Sponsored by TOP QUALITY) View 122918
Evaluation of a unique combination of nutrients in the management of hair loss in women (Sponsored by MERZ THERAPEUTICS) View 123223
Broadband light and 1064 nm Nd: YAG: an effective combination - Treatment for skin rejuvenation and facial redness (Sponsored by SCITON) View 122907
A customized skin care routine benefits patients with severe rosacea under combination therapy with ivermectin 1% cream and doxycycline 40-mg or ivermectin and placebo (Sponsored by GALDERMA) View 123122
Innovative application of diathermy in orthodontics: a case report (Sponsored by TOP QUALITY) View 123364
How glabellar line severity at baseline can affect efficacy in neurotoxin trials (Sponsored by GALDERMA) View 122884
HSA as a stabilizer in aesthetic injectables (Sponsored by MERZ AESTHETICS) View 123149
Burns and hyperpigmentation post-adult female acne treatment View 122935
Awareness of aesthetic and therapeutic crossover usage of botulinum toxin type A (Sponsored by MERZ AESTHETICS) View 122757
Effectiveness and safety of correction of cheek wrinkles using a biostimulatory PLLA injectable implant – Clinical study data up to 24 m (Sponsored by GALDERMA) View 123101
Skin movement and volume changes with PLLA-SCA injectable implant: a subgroup analysis of the cheek wrinkle trial (Sponsored by GALDERMA) View 123222
Deciphering the features of lightfillers with the Teosyal RHA® Range from lab to patient (Sponsored by TEOXANE) View 123435
Ready-to-use abobotulinumtoxinA solution vs powder onabotulinumtoxinA for treating glabellar lines: subjects’ and Investigators’ experience (Sponsored by GALDERMA) View 123157
Skin quality - A holistic 360 degree view - Consensus results (Sponsored by MERZ AESTHETICS) View 123206
Dermatological treatment using plant-based makeup as a vehicle View 122898
Cosmetic outcomes in patient-centered management of actinic keratosis – Personalising Actinic Keratosis Treatment (PAKT) expert consensus (Sponsored by GALDERMA) View 122079
Glycerol, a well-tolerated humectant in dermal fillers (Sponsored by MERZ AESTHETICS) View 122983
Tissue integration of HA-containing dermal fillers: an automated and comprehensive approach to systemically compare dermal fillers (Sponsored by MERZ AESTHETICS) View 122985
Neck rejuvenation in a female patient with pseudoxanthoma elasticum: a case report View 123295
Safety and effectiveness of nasal reshaping with HA through cannula technique: a real-life study View 123086
Efficacy and safety of 755 nm picosecond alexandrite laser for the treatment of dermal melanocytosis: a prospective clinical trial (Sponsored by WONTECH) View 123439
Rheological properties of injectable HA of CPM and NASHA technology View 123107
Skin quality booster with glycerol – their viscoelastic skin potential View 123119
Autologous follicular stem cell micrograft therapy: a new generation treatment modality for androgenetic alopecia (Sponsored by GLOBAL BIYOMEDIKAL) View 123432
Uncommon management of a common dermatological condition: treatment of Keratosis Pilaris Rubra (KPR) with low fluence Q-switched 595 nm Nd:YAG laser View 121630
Hybrid fractional laser treatment for photorejuvenation (Sponsored by SCITON) View 122908
Where’s my other eyelid crease? Fixing double eyelid asymmetry with modified single-knot continuous buried suture technique View 123285
How useful is the supra sternal notch to nipple distance? A prospective cross-sectional questionnaire survey on anthropometric measurements View 123236
A topical antioxidant serum containing silymarin reduces sebum peroxidation and improves facial acne (Sponsored by SKINCEUTICALS) 123362
Anatomic evaluation of the normal variants of the arteries of face using color View 123181
Analysis of protein loss as a marker of broad hair shaft damage: evaluation by Lowry and rapid (RPLT) tests. View 123153
Rapid protein loss test as a guide to hair damage View 123216
The influence of oil from the seed of the Peruvian Amazon palm tree (Mauritia flexuosa - Aguaje) on the aesthetic qualities of hair View 123264
Clinical investigation to evaluate the facial volume restoration and augmentation after HA njection in the face with IPN-26-SENSE (Sponsored by LABORATOIRES VIVACY) View 123225
Product manufacturing process for PLLA-SCA (Sponsored by GALDERMA) View 123221
Dermatological tattoo complications View 123288
Biostimulating fillers and inflammatory pathways: a preclinical investigation (Sponsored by MERZ AESTHETICS) View 123102
The MICRO-Lift: A ligaments-based anatomic technique for lower face and neck rejuvenation using bipolar radiofrequency (Sponsored by INMODE) View 124237
Injectable dermal filler technique for gluteal augmentation and harmonization (Sponsored by ILIKIA BRASIL) View 123253
Improvement of chin retrusion in Chinese subjects using HA filler: a randomized, controlled, evaluator-blinded study (Sponsored by GALDERMA) View 122882
Subject and physician satisfaction with abobotulinumtoxinA for glabellar line treatment in a real-world study in Chinese subjects (Sponsored by GALDERMA) View 123142
Differentiation of NASHA and OBT HA gels according to firmness and flexibility and the associated clinical significance (Sponsored by GALDERMA) View 123207
Shaving and electrocautery for the treatment of port wine stain - An inexpensive and optimized treatment option to remember View 123269
Case report: granulomas related to cosmetic procedures in the differential diagnosis of skin lesions View 123293
The application of Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy (FNAB) guided by HFUs on diagnosis of complications after aesthetic procedures View 123297
Correction of jawline, jawangle and marionette lines in combination with P(LA/CL)threads and collagen-stimulating dermal filler: an innovative technique View 121141
Althena medical (Sponsored by ALTHENA MEDICAL) View 122910
Photobiodynamic therapy: a new alternative for the treatment of melasma (Sponsored by SKYMEDIC) View 122909
Evaluation of artificial sea water damage on the bleached and dyed hair fiber View 122893
Methodologies to evaluate the properties of the hair fiber and guide clinical treatment View 122921
Role of ultrasound in the diagnosis and management of the complications of common non-surgical midface rejuvenation methods: a case study View 122050
Positive results of striae distensae treatment with HA mechanically stabilized lift formulation complexes: a case report View 122988
Daeyang Medical (Sponsored by DAEYANG MEDICAL) 123363
Effect of exosome liposome hybrid extracellular vesicles in wound healing View 122905
Clinical trials of exosome liposome hybrid extracellular vesicles View 122906
Consensus on the use of HA fillers from the cohesive polydensified matrix range: best practice in specific facial indications (Sponsored by MERZ AESTHETICS) View 122648
Successful cosmetic treatment in a patient with connective tissue disorder with CaHA filler - Case report View 122025
Clinical results on a novel Autologous Micrografting Technology (AMT) in androgenetic alopecia patients (Sponsored by REGENERA ACTIVA SL) View 123254
Efficacy and safety of monopolar RF for Treatment of lower facial laxity in Asian patients (Sponsored by WONTECH) View 123438
A topical antioxidant serum containing silymarin reduces sebum peroxidation and improves facial acne View 123210
Comparative clinical and histomorphological evaluation of the injectable CPM-HA 20 and CaHA combination (Sponsored by MERZ AESTHETICS) View 123226
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