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Media & Press

Get your press accreditation!

We are delighted to invite members of the press to our congress.

Journalists and medical writers who wish to participate can apply for a complimentary registration as long as they can provide a valid press card or a letter of assignment from the media organisation that they will be representing. All registration fees are waived for members of the media who meet the accreditation requirements.

Before applying for accreditation please read the guidelines. If you have any queries please contact the IMCAS Press Office


Press badge types

For journalists working for national or international news outlets whose editorial content is aimed at the general public (health and beauty magazines, economic journals etc.)

Mass Audience Press Badge have access to exhibition hall, "Professional business" -themed sessions, Symposia, Cosmeceuticals sessions, Global Market Summit and Guest lectures.

To obtain a Mass Audience Press Badge, you are required to provide:
  • Your personal photographic identification card/passport
  • Your professional press card/badge

Please note: Freelance journalists may register for the above badge. If you are not holder of a professional press pass/badge, a letter of assignment from a legitimate media outlet may be presented in its place.

For any cases, press must present the following documents on-site:
  • A Valid ID Card (passport or official identification document)
  • Your Confirmation Letter (if applicable)
  • A Press Card
  • A Business Card