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IMCAS World Congress 2024


RELIFE Symposium with live demo - Science explains the harmony of Nature: unleashing the art of Relife ‘5R’ approach with fillers, threads and topical treatments

Discover RELIFE SRL's latest videos and news
Room: Room 352 - Level 3
Date: Friday 2 February 2024 at 14:00 to 15:30
Format: INDUSTRY SYMPOSIUM WITH LIVE DEMO > promotional and educational session with live demonstrations by the organizing company who presents their products and services directly to attendees

Lectures of the session

Hours Speakers Lecture title Abstract Number
14:00 Opening 132811
14:03 The scalpel of Michelagelo - Reshaping the malar area and the jawline with DefinisseTM suspension threads: Free clinical study results 132812
14:18 The brush of Botticelli - The new ‘R’ technique for lifting the face thanks to Definisse fillers 132814
14:33 The paint of Raffaello - Enhancing and preserving in-clinic results with [KP1] Collagen Modulator Bio-Peptide 132815
14:46 The dome of Brunelleschi - Combination technique: Definisse threads double needle JR and definisse core ‘Pegasus’ techniques 132816
15:02 The art of Leonardo - Live Session: Enhancing lips with DefinisseTM touch and redefining the mandibular with DefinisseTM double needle 132817
15:28 Closing remarks 132818