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IMCAS World Congress 2024

FOCUS ON OS 001 TO 006

Open Stage - Industry sponsored lectures

Room: Open stage (Exhibition Hall) - Level 3
Date: Thursday 1 February 2024 at 10:30 to 18:00
Format: OPEN STAGE TALK > oral presentations taking place on a dedicated stage within the exhibition area and which are video-recorded by our professional AV team

Lectures of the session

Hours Speakers Lecture title Abstract Number
10:30 SYMATESE - It's science of tissue regeneration 131211
10:45 SCIENTIS - Isobionic - Amide as a new depigmenting and anti-inflammatory molecule and its combination with other depigmenting agents 131212
11:00 RENAISSANCE - Novel exopeptide mesococktail for skin regeneration 131213
11:15 PHARMARESEARCH - Anatomical Consideration of DOT-PN: How Should We Use It? 131214
11:30 MARTIDERM - The synergy of pure ingredients applied on dermatological practice 131215
11:45 LABORATOIRES URGO - Retix.C - Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory therapy for skin DNA cell protection and repair. Clinical case study 131216
12:00 LABORATOIRES FIJIE - Intracellular targets for a new generation of injectable products - Matrix Biomodulators Novacutan BioPro 131217
12:15 ALGENESS - The potential of Algeness filler (purified agarose gel): stable facial reshaping without oedema View 131218
12:30 ALMA LASERS - 3-Year Journey of TITANIUM Lifting in Korea: Innovative transformation from Hair Removal to Skin Lifting and Tightening Procedure 134958
12:45 ALMA LASERS - Combining EBDs with injectables for neck and hand rejuvenation 131892
13:00 BLUECORE - Effect of 8:2 dual-optical pulses (PTP) with a Q switched Nd:YAG 134959
13:15 FAGRON GENOMICS - Genomic insights into Androgenetic Alopecia: SNP genotyping unveils disease pathogenesis and drug mechanism of action for personalized hair loss treatment 131220
13:30 HIRONIC - Gentlo - Acne scar treatments 131221
13:45 HIRONIC - RF Microneedling and Plasma combination treatment for enhanced drug delivery and skin rejuvenation 131222
14:00 APYX MEDICAL - The future of combo procedures: Leveraging Renuvion and Liposuction in aesthetics 131223
14:15 ISKRA MEDICAL - The present and the future of magnetic stimulation in aesthetics 131224
14:30 ISKRA MEDICAL - Interest of Tesla former in a plastic surgery practice 131225
14:45 KORU PHARMA - Experience the luxury of healthy hair with H Bloom Booster® 131226
15:00 KORU PHARMA - Welcome age with grace and beauty with Elitox® 131893
15:15 VYDENCE MEDICAL - Case report on treatments with intense, micropulsed q-switched picosecond laser handpiece and fractional laser for comprehensive skin rejuvenation approach 134960
15:30 DELEO - CELLUTION®: the ultimate technology for Cellulite treatment 131227
15:45 ACCLARO MEDICAL - Learn about UltraClear's Versatility from a Lunchtime Treatment to our Latest Modality: Laser-Coring 131228
16:00 VENOME - Sisthaema Hevo T - Tissue biostimulation as a safe and effective method in skin rejuvenation View 131229
16:15 SKIN TECH PHARMA GROUP - Efficacy study of novel monophasic dermal implant containing cross-linked hyaluronic acid associated with amino acids for treatment of face & hands photoaging 131559
16:30 ERCHONIA LASERS - Fat Loss without the side effects 131560
16:45 SINGCLEAN - Singderm®, perfect monophasic HA filler for full face rejuvenation 131561
17:00 MONIKA HEILIGMANN PARIS - Non-invasive and lip perfecting innovative solutions 131562

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