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IMCAS World Congress 2024

FOCUS ON OS 007 TO 012

Open Stage - Industry sponsored lectures

Room: Open stage (Exhibition Hall) - Level 3
Date: Friday 2 February 2024 at 08:30 to 18:00
Format: OPEN STAGE TALK > oral presentations taking place on a dedicated stage within the exhibition area and which are video-recorded by our professional AV team

Lectures of the session

Hours Speakers Lecture title Abstract Number
08:30 CAROMED ITALIA - It's not a toxin, it's not a filler... It's a new injectable compound to improve skin quality and appearance 131553
08:45 N FINDERS - N-Cog PDO thread, the most effective and the safest thread lifting product in the end 134962
09:00 PHARMARESEARCH - Clinical Consideration of DOT-PN : When We Should Use? 131555
09:15 TECHNOLUX - Structural rejuvenation of the face and neck with THERMA (thermoregulated heating through endoradiofrequency for rejuvenation in medical aesthetics) technique 131556
09:30 RENAISSANCE - Lipolysis in the face with Michelangelo: An innovative approach on facial contouring 134961
09:45 RENAISSANCE - Biodecoding the micheline: The power of Michelangelo in face lipolysis in combination with radiofrequency 131554
10:00 LUTRONIC - It’s time to consider Coagulation volume as a new matrix - Total skin solution 131558
10:15 PRIMORIS INTERNATIONAL - Clinical applications of umbilical cord blood stem cell conditioned media Exosome for achieving skin rejuvenation 134963
10:30 KIMERA RESEARCH - History theory physics and future of Exosome technologies in clinical science and medicine 131230
10:45 ROSEWAYLABS - Personalised skincare using compounded medication View 131246
11:00 EURORESEARCH - The use of collagen to rejuvenate hands and neck 131232
11:15 MONIKA HEILIGMANN PARIS - Non-invasive and lip perfecting innovative solutions 134969
11:30 KIMERA RESEARCH - Exosomes - Masters of cellular communication 131231
11:45 PRIMORIS - Clinical applications of umbilical cord blood stem cell conditioned media Exosome for achieving skin rejuvenation 131245
12:00 EXOCOBIO - The quality, efficacy, and safety of ExoSCRT Exosomes developed by ExoCoBio View 131241
12:15 DERMOAROMA - Purasomes : The future of skin regeneration with Exosome View 131233
12:30 MONIKA HEILIGMANN PARIS - Non-invasive and lip perfecting innovative solutions 131895
12:45 BRERA MEDICAL - The future in muscle restoration - Facestim by Jovena: Stimulating treatment of inner muscles 131234
13:30 ESTAR MEDICAL - Cellenis DermaFiller - A natural anti-aging approach 131240
13:45 ADODERM - Rheological features of dermal fillers and their effect on clinical performance 131235
14:00 TERUMO - State-of-the-art delivery devices for highly viscous dermal fillers 131548
14:15 ROSE PHARMA LABS - Biolift four points technique: new horizons for the administration of cross-linked fillers at three different molecular weights 131894
14:30 MARLLOR - 10 years of Alidya, the first injectable to treat cellulite: Learnings, results and new challenges 131557
15:00 BIODERMOGENESI - The latest researches of Biodermogenesi View 131238
15:15 SKIN TECH PHARMA GROUP - Trichloroacetic acid based chemical peeling treatment of Fitzpatrick IV-VI skin phototypes: specifics and outcomes 134966
15:45 CAPENERGY MEDICAL - What's new in the treatment of subcutaneous and visceral fat? 131239
16:00 LIGHTFECTIVE - ReBorn 940nm power LED: Illuminating the path to safe and effective body shaping 131242
16:30 LOVE COSMEDICAL - The art of body reshaping 131243
16:45 LOVE COSMEDICAL - Modern concept of rejuvenation 131244
17:00 Study in 293 patients shows as polynucleotides infiltration is a safe and effective treatment to improve thin wrinkles, sagging of eyelids, and pigmentation View 133188