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Dr Gabriel SIQUIER

Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Gabriel Siquier is a leading medical aesthetic specialist. He gained worldwide recognition for exceptional non-surgical skills combined with an artistic eye for beauty. His official title ‘Aesthetic Physician KNMG’ makes clear that he is a qualified, skilled and competent provider of aesthetic medicine.

At major international congresses about skin rejuvenation and anti-aging he is a renowned speaker. He provides extensive hands-on injection trainings, sharing his knowledge with physicians and medical professionals in the field of safety, applications, backgrounds, and techniques.

Research of Dr. Gabriel Siquier is widely published across international scientific journals. As a recognition for investing in improving medical practice, Dameto Clinics International received the ‘GHP Award’ for the ‘Best Aesthetic Medicine Academic’. Furthermore Dr. Siquier was awarded with the ‘Golden Hands’ for his scientific and academic contribution to the growth and research of responsible aesthetic medicine.

He became KOL (Key Opinion Leader) for major pharmaceuticals like IBSA, Menarini and Suisselle, providing consultancy and presentations worldwide.

Further, he is a certified member of the Dutch society of aesthetic medicine (NVCG) and part of the research group NEOMA at the University of Girona (Spain) where he is gaining his PHD.

Finally, he is also the founder of Dameto Clinics International, a medical institution that invests in research and education. These clinics are established in the Netherlands and in Spain offering a wide range of the latest aesthetic treatments. 

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