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Dr Misbah KHAN

Cosmetic Surgeon
United States

Dr Misbah Khan is a board certified Mohs and Cosmetic Surgeon. She finished her training at Drexel College of Medicine; Harvard Medical School; University of California Irvine and Northwestern University in Chicago. Dr Khan currently practices in Manhattan, New York specializing in Mohs and Reconstructive Surgeries for non-melanoma skin cancers; human adipose tissue with special interest in lipofiling, body sculpting / reshaping; Revision Liposuction; Cellulite; ablative and non-ablative laser resurfacing and scar revisions and hair restoration. Her research is focused on human adipose tissue, Fractional photothermolysis and tattoo inks. Dr Khan holds 4 patents on various laser tattoo removal technologies and tattoo inks and 2 patents on optical clearing of the skin for skin diagnostics and therapeutics. she wrote the first paper on the science of Fractional Photothermolysis (so-called Fraxel) along with Dr Rox Anderson. Her reasearch and publications on Celluite, brown fat and white fat are some of the most referenced articles. She has been featured numerous times in various internationally renowned magazines and has made several television appearances regarding her expertise on Lasers and body sculpting. Dr Khan enjoys hiking and photography. She has climbed several mountains such as Pike's Peak, Mount Whitney and Mount Hood. She is an artist at heart and has been painting since she was 2 years old. Dr Khan also enjoys martial arts. She has 2 black belts in Samurai Sword Martial Arts.    

Dr Khan is a faculty at Weill Cornell Medical Center and she is also the President and the Founder of her company M Khan Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery

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