Dr Viktoria Sergeevna HAMBARDZUMYAN

Plastic surgeon

Lifting and volumetry of depressed areas of the body with the medication
HYA Corp
The thixotropy technology is a distinctive feature of the products of this line, which allows the use of the minimum amount to create masking, voluming and lifting areas that need correction.
As in any case, stresses that are necessary to be put into the work of the physician on the body.
Tasks and zones in our practice.
GK (HA), regardless of the manufacturer +/-
The excitement of the century (buttom - what do women want?)
European and American approach to the beauty of this part of the body
Correction of external genital areas of the intimate area
Congenital and acquired deformities on the body, how to correct them
Decollete, the depression of the zone over the elbow and patellar depression, the dorsal surface of the hand and other areas.
Some results

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