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Immunotherapy plus surgery/radiosurgery is associated with favorable survival in patients with melanoma brain metastasis.

03, 2019

Melanoma brain metastases (MBM) are associated with a dismal prognosis. Few clinical trials evaluated the impact of immunotherapy (IT) and targeted therapy (TT) alone or in combination with surgery and radiotherapy in this population. Подробнее


Diagnostic accuracy of dermatofluoroscopy in cutaneous melanoma detection: results of a prospective multicentre clinical study in 476 pigmented lesions.

08, 2018

Early detection is a key factor in improving survival from melanoma. Today, the clinical diagnosis of cutaneous melanoma is based mostly on visual inspection and dermoscopy. Preclinical studies in freshly excised or paraffin-embedded tissue have shown that the melanin fluorescence spectra after stepwise two-photon excitation, a process termed dermatofluoroscopy, differ between cutaneous melanoma and melanocytic naevi. However, confirmation from a larger prospective clinical study is lacking. Подробнее

The British journal of dermatology

How to use neoadjuvant medical treatment to maximize surgery in melanoma.

02, 2018

The aim of this work is to discuss the role of neoadjuvant therapy in melanoma patients, namely the potential to improve control and surgical resectability of locoregional disease. Moreover, potential survival benefits for high-risk stage III and IV melanoma patients will be addressed. Areas covered: In this review, the different available neoadjuvant treatments including chemotherapy, bio-chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy and local therapy will be presented and discussed. The PubMed published articles were identified and searched using the following terms located in the publication title: neoadjuvant therapy and melanoma. Studies investigating targeted therapy, immunotherapy and local melanoma treatments were included. was also used as a source for recruiting or ongoing but not recruiting neoadjuvant clinical trials, for which no published results are available. Expert commentary: Targeted therapy and immunotherapy in a neoadjuvant setting are still under investigation and not yet approved, however several neoadjuvant trials are ongoing. Shortly, results from these trials will answer the question whether neoadjuvant treatment translates into survival benefit and improves local disease control in stage III and IV melanoma patients. Immunotherapy and targeted therapy will play as relevant a role as in the metastatic setting, whereas chemotherapy will be used seldom. Подробнее

Expert review of anticancer therapy
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