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Valerie TAUPIN

Представитель индустрии
In 1988, Valérie Taupin graduated from EDC, a French business school. The same year, she was recruited to open the German subsidiary of a French company which was specialized in manufacturing panties after liposuction and special garments for burned people. There, she discovered the world of plastic surgery that she never quitted after. In 1990, she was recruited by SEBBIN a company manufacturing breast implants, in order to export those products. In 1993 Valérie Taupin decided to set up her own company in the same field distributing breast implants, lasers, medical devices to plastic surgeons and dermatologists. In 2000 with a company specialized in ophthalmology she created Juvederm R and exported it in more than 50 countries. In 2003 she left the company and created the same year TEOXANE laboratories in Geneva, with its own research and development and manufacturing departments. She created TEOSYAL, a range of injectable hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Ten years after, TEOXANE has more than 100 employees, 3 subsidiaries and has sold more than 5 million syringes in 80 countries. TEOXANE continues to grow rapidly and just launched the new range of products REDENSITY, which opens a new and innovative area of anti-aging treatments for the patients. In 2013, TEOXANE has signed with ALPHAEON, an affiliate of Strathspeycrown an exclusive US distribution Licence for its products. During Q1 2014, a new Cosmeceuticals line will be launched in the United States. Thanks to our partnership with ALPHEON, 2015 will be TEOSYAL’s first year of commercialization in the US market. We feel confident in our future.
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