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IMCAS Asia 2021


On demand contributing lectures

Room: On Demand
Date: Saturday 10 July 2021 at 00:00 to 10:30
Format: CONTRIBUTING > session made up of abstract submissions that were carefully reviewed and selected by the Scientific Board

Lectures of the session

Hours Speakers Lecture title Abstract Number
00:00 How To Make a Stellar Patient Experience by Reducing Patient Wait Times View 100919
00:00 Evaluation of rejuvenating effect of the treatment with high molecular weight HA in the perioral area: open-label clinical study. 109792
00:00 Nutroceuticals within the into-aging dermatology clinic View 98783
00:00 Multimodal radiofrequency application for lower face and neck laxity View 98934
00:00 The use of bipolar radiofrequency for treatment of post-partum pelvic floor dysfunction View 98935
00:00 Trichotillomania masked by diffuse alopecia areata: a case report View 98940
00:00 Noninvasive periorbital rejuvenation using Ablative and non-ablative Combination of Multisource Radio-Frequency (RF) technology View 99380
00:00 A Novel Combined Triple-Wavelength (755nm, 810nm and 1064nm) Laser Device for Hair Removal: Efficacy and Safety Study View 99501
00:00 Use of the local cryotherapy for the correction of local adipose and aesthetic issues of the skin View 100051
00:00 Surgical correction of Grade III gynecomastia with minimal scar by body sculpture and skin redraping View 100473
00:00 Revolutionary treatment of adult acne, trespassing conventional methods View 100557
00:00 Comparative study of efficacy and safety of Nd:YAG laser 1064-nm versus oral pulse Itraconazole in the treatment of onychomycosis View 100908
00:00 Combination of filler and toxins for upper face rejuvenation View 100915
00:00 Styling your clinics: an overview on design and decorating View 100922
00:00 Combination of using autologous human hair follicular stem cells obtained with rigenera technology and PRP in androgenetic alopecia treatments View 100923
00:00 Upward threads insertion method View 100963
00:00 When life hurts - Female genital mutilation, reversing the irreversible View 100965
00:00 Is cannula superior to needle in lip enhancement or augmentation? View 100987
00:00 Epidemiology of patients undergoing anti-ageing procedures in Eastern India View 101410
00:00 A report on a patient of my clinic with a facial nerve neuritis View 106835
00:00 A patented growth factor peptide Vs PRP-A randomised, comparative, prospective study View 111653
00:00 Oral tranexamic acid, hydroquinone 4% and low-fluence 1064 nm Q-switched Nd:Yag laser for melasma: clinical and dermoscopic evaluation View 97778
00:00 Reply, Ignore, or Delete: What To Do With Negative Complaints Against Your Practice on Social Media View 111580
00:00 How to Maximize the Use of Patient Testimonials to Grow your Aesthetic Practice View 111582
00:00 Emerging challenges for aesthetic manufacturers: what is the state of the art? Ensure compliance with the new Medical Device Regulation View 111735
00:00 Scar Camouflage: A New Cosmetic Approach View 96236
00:00 Assessment of the Efficacy of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Facial Rejuvenation in Different Age Groups View 96423
00:00 The Importance of Hormonal balance in Aging and Health View 108661
00:00 Technological Advances in Accelerated Wound Repair, Strethmarks, Keloid Scars, and Facial Regeneration View 108663
00:00 Enzymatic proteins for cellulite View 101164
00:00 My personal approach to the correction of asymmetries and reshaping of the lips with measurements and 3D images View 108708
00:00 Scalp micropigmentation: an innovative solution for hair loss View 109815
00:00 How to Get Rid of Visceral Fat View 110170
00:00 Female Social Empowerment. Hidden Emotional Issues View 110171
00:00 Adverse Effects of Sedentary Lifestyles: Inflammation, and High-Glucose Induced Oxidative Stress View 110182
00:00 Why Refusing Patients Could Save Your Practice View 108639
00:00 Aesthetic Practice's Guide in Improving Patient Experience through Social Media View 108640
00:00 Working with the Dream Team (How to hire the best people) View 110663
00:00 How to make bank post COVID ( How to profit in the post Covid Era) View 110664
00:00 Face lifting MACS lift preserving facial nerves View 110552
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