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IMCAS Asia 2024 Accreditation

Our events are distinguished for holding the highest quality standards, whether it’d be for physicians or company representatives.

The achievement and maintenance of these standards is reviewed and improved year by year thanks to our evaluation process, which allows our events to elevate the scientific and ethical principles of each edition.

PHYSICIAN Accreditation
Scientific events are commonly accredited at several levels depending on location and local regulations. Our events have been consistently accredited over the past years in Europe, USA, France, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India, among others.

Physicians can benefit from Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, necessary for every practitioner to confirm quality and stay updated within their practice in the fast developing field of medicine. The number of CME credits that each event offers its participants varies according to the duration of the event and the accrediting organism.

INDUSTRY Compliance
Our events make sure to reinforce the good practices between the industry's relationship with healthcare professionals (HCPs) by complying at different levels of ethical criteria. Impartial institutions opt on the compliance of these criteria by evaluating the conference format, location and content brought to all participants.

Procedure to obtain the Certificate of Attendance and claim CME credits:

At the end of the event, you will be asked to fill in an evaluation form:

  • Online and within the month following the event

A Certificate of Attendance will then be sent to the participant along with a full explanation on « how to claim CME credits ».

Accreditations for IMCAS Asia 2024