IMCAS World Congress 2018

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Video Class - Minimal invasive combined treatments (in collaboration with ESCAD)

Room: Room 11
Date: Saturday 3 February 2018 at 14:00 to 16:00
Format: VIDEO CLASS > offering a video training on a specific thematic by a team of technical experts
- organisation > successive 10 to 15-min video presentations, focusing on applied techniques - final Q&A
- chaired


Dr Julius FEW
Plastic surgeon
United States
Dr Bertrand Denis PUSEL

Lectures of the session

Hours Speakers Lecture title Abstract Number
14:00 Dr Ines VERNER Welcome message from ESCAD 64451
14:05 Dr Ines VERNER Non-invasive combination treatments in body contouring 64509
14:10 Dr Ashraf M BADAWI Combination of microdermabrasion and Nd:YAG laser in facial rejuvenation View 64507
14:25 Dr Joan VANDEPUTTE Contraction plus expansion: facial soft tissue tightening combined with injections View 65473
14:40 Dr Bertrand Denis PUSEL Combined treatment for décolletage: skinbooster and non-ablative fractionnal laser 64119
14:55 Dr Hema SUNDARAM Combined treatments for the lower face and neck: a new model of flow and support 62835
15:10 Dr Ofir ARTZI Radio-peel: synergism between microneedling fractional RF and TCA chemical peel View 58567
15:25 Dr Sabine ZENKER Combined aesthetic interventions to delay facial aging. Preliminary study results. View 64475
15:40 Dr Jean Marc CHARDONNEAU Striae: сombination mesotherapy HIFU View 59579
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