IMCAS World Congress 2019

FOCUS ON S203, S204

Challenging cases and complications with lasers and EBD (in collaboration with ESLD)

Room: Room 351 (level 3)
Date: Friday 1 February 2019 at 10:30 to 12:30
Format: FOCUS SESSION > covering a major topic of the congress
> organisation:
5min - intro by chair
48min - 4 successive 12-min presentations
7min - Q&A


Dr Ashraf M BADAWI
Pr Paolo BONAN
Dr Hans Joachim LAUBACH

Lectures of the session

Hours Speakers Lecture title Abstract Number
10:30 Pr Paolo BONAN Welcome message from the ESLD View 79869
10:35 Part 1 - Review of the literature 79853
10:35 Dr Anne LE PILLOUER PROST Complications of laser assisted hair reduction in the literature View 80511
10:43 Dr Katrine TOGSVERD BO PDT challenges and complications in the literature View 80513
10:51 Dr Ahmed M SADEK Lasers in scar treatment 80515
10:59 Part 2 - Updates 79855
10:59 Dr Albert WOLKERSTORFER Lasers for congenital nevi, what is the evidence? View 80517
11:09 Pr Leonardo MARINI Resistant PWS, new approach View 80519
11:19 Part 3 - Members' section: “Members cases presentations” 79857
11:19 Dr Naglaa Fathi Hamed Mohamed AGAMIA Successful treatment of atrophic post-traumatic scars with microneedling plus PRP View 80521
11:29 Dr Michela TROIANO A complicate case of PHACE syndrome treated with Nd:YAG and CO2 laser for the vascular lesions and scars 80523
11:39 Dr Firas AL NIAIMI Unexpected complication with post CO2 laser resurfacing 80537
11:49 Dr Rana HILAL Secondary complications after Q-switched Nd:YAG laser toning View 80539
11:59 Dr Ashraf M BADAWI Introduction of IMCAS Alert - Laser and EBD 82211
11:59 Part 4 - Panel discussion: vascular complications, picosecond lasers, bromohydrosis 79867
12:06 Dr Klaus FRITZ Panel discussion 80541
12:06 Dr Anthony M ROSSI Panel discussion 80543
12:06 Dr Hugues CARTIER Panel discussion 81313
12:06 Pr Leonardo MARINI Panel discussion 79859
12:06 Dr Hans Joachim LAUBACH Panel discussion 79861
12:06 Dr Ashraf M BADAWI Panel discussion 79863
2 7 9