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Prof Leonardo MARINI


Dr. Marini concluded his training as a General Surgeon in 1987 and as Dermatologist in 1989. He decided to synergistically combine these two specialties together and became a Dermatologic Surgeon after further specific training in the US, Australia, Germany, and France. He is currently the medical director of SDC – The Skin Doctors’ Center of Trieste, Italy and served as Professor of Laser Dermatology at the University of Siena, Parma, and Verona. His primary interests are the surgical management of skin cancer with Mohs’ micrographic surgery, advanced dermatological applications of lasers and energy sources, advanced photodynamic therapy and aesthetic dermatology. Dr. Marini is the Chairman of the Task Force for Laser Dermatology of the European Academy of Dermatology, he proudly served as founder president of ESLD – the European Society of Dermatology established in Trieste (I) in 1996, president of ESCAD – the European Society of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology. He has been nominated Honorary President of the Hellenic Society of Dermatologic Surgery in 2009. In 2010 he was appointed Master Co-ordinator for the International Observational Preceptorship Training Programme offered by ESCAD. Dr. Marini serves also as executive member of the Board of many national and international Scientific Societies as DASIL, European LED Academy, ESMS, ILAD, SIFCS. Dr. Marini has published numerous scientific peer-reviewd papers in international medical journals and book chapters.

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