IMCAS World Congress 2020
Foundations for AI & Robotics

Artificial intelligence in aesthetics

Saturday 1 February 2020, 10:30 - 16:00 at Palais des Congrès

The advances in A.I. and robotics have culminated to the cusp of a “new generation” in dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic procedures. IMCAS brings together the leading experts in the field for sessions designed to discover the products, and discuss with the pioneers what implications these technological advancements have for the future.
What is and is not replaceable with machines? What is the extent of machine learning? How will you take part in shaping the future of the practice? Take a step in to the new era of aesthetics with IMCAS.

Submit an abstract in one of the 4 parts below

S283 to S286 : Foundations in AI and robotics

Saturday 1 February 2020, 10:30

Dermatologist , France
Chair 98056
Dr Benjamin ASCHER
Plastic Surgeon , France
Chair 94305
Dr Barbara HERSANT
Plastic Surgeon , France
Chair 98696
Dr Sebastien GARSON
Plastic Surgeon , France
Chair 98697
10:30 Part 1 - AI in aesthetics - minimal invasive and surgery 94310
10:30 Dr Haisong XU
Facial Plastic Surgeon , China
Artificial intelligence to enhance the augmented reality effect in craniofacial surgery - Mandibular osteotomy 98681
10:40 Dr Chih Wei LEE
Dermatologist , Taiwan
A novel AI-assisted protocol to unveil and quantify the facial micro-expressions for advanced aesthetic treatment 98679
10:50 Dr Ricardo RUIZ RODRIGUEZ
Dermatologist , Spain
The future of cosmetic medicine View 98682
Not specified , France
Lecture under educational grant (System SL) 94308
11:20 Part 2 - AI in clinical dermatology 95787
11:20 Guirec LE LOUS
Industry representative , France
Artificial intelligence and wounds 98689
11:30 Lecture under an educational grant (Fotofinder) 98687
11:40 Lecture under an educational grant (Quantificare) 98648
12:20 LUNCH BREAK 96334
13:50 Part 3 - AI and robotics - minimal invasive and surgery 95788
13:50 Dr Benjamin SARFATI
Plastic Surgeon , France
Robotics for breast surgery 96337
14:50 Part 4 - AI for digital imaging: diagnosis & communication 95789
15:00 Mohammed DARYAIE
Industry representative , Germany
The role of artificial intelligence in future dermatology practice (under an educational grant by Fotofinder) 98219
15:10 Lecture under an educational grant (Quantificare) 98645
15:30 Lecture under an educational grant (Canfield) 98647
15:50 Q&A 94311

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