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IMCAS World Congress 2020



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Speakers Lecture title Abstract Number
Non-invasive periorbital rejuvenation using ablative and non-ablative combination with multisource RF technology View 97918
Efficacy of novel treatment product based on pineapple extract in deep dermal burns View 100287
The new emerging role of Pico technology in clinical dermatology in the Middle East View 100259
M89: A combination of 89% mineralized thermal water and hyaluronic acid is effective and well tolerated after dermatologic procedures (unrestricted educational grant from Vichy Laboratoires) View 100824
Blepharoplasty with CO2 laser View 100289
Skin resurfacing and facelift in the same surgical procedure: what are the issues View 100291
Hidradenitis suppurativa in association with Helicobacter Pylori in a female Sudanese patient: a case report 98972
Combination of hardware and injection techniques for periorbital zone correction in case of deformation morphotypes of aging with pronounced pastosity View 100294
A Clinical Study to Evaluate the Effect of an Injectable Polycaprolactone Filler on Skin Quality (unrestricted educational grant from Sinclair Pharma) View 100206
A case report of acne conglobata in adolescent male treated with isotretinoin and methylprednisolonum View 100278
Improving aging and health with the new advanced full face treatment View 100265
Impact of alopecia areata on subsequent pregnancy rate: a retrospective cohort study View 96106
Photodynamic therapy with 5% aminolevulinic acid (ALA) in a thermosetting gel (ALAfast®) in inflammatory acne : An efficient and safe treatment of inflammatory acne (unrestricted educational grant from Moulin Royal Cosmetics) View 100794
Correction of erroneous outcome in lip filler injection: efficacy and patients' satisfaction View 100191
Naturalness and First Impression Following Treatment of Lower Face Wrinkles-Image Evaluation by Lay Raters (unrestricted educational grant from Galderma) View 99887
Automatic hair implant - An innovative hair restoration technique View 100268
Ultherapy, the micro-focused ultrasound for acne scars View 100269
An innovative hyaluronic acid injector device as alternative to classical injection View 100271
A new intradermal injection device for the treatment of eyelids and other delicate areas View 100272
HARL for aesthetic shaping of the nasal dorsum and root - A randomized, no-treatment control, multi-centre study (unrestricted educational grant from Galderma) View 99883
Physicochemical analyses of poly-L-lactic acid reconstituted with immediate use (unrestricted educational grant from Galderma) View 99911
Erythroderma psoriasis induced by sofosbuvir and daclatasvir View 98761
Primary cutaneous B-cell lymphoma: study of 8 cases View 99330
Effectiveness of a formulation of peptides with vitamin C for reducing skin aging (unrestricted educational grant from Vichy Laboratoires) View 100218
Effectiveness of a formulation of glycolic acid with vitamin C for reducing visible signs of photoaging (unrestricted educational grant from Vichy Laboratoires) View 100219
A rheological approach to assess filler resistance and adaptability to facial dynamic areas (unrestricted educational grant from Teoxane Laboratories) View 100467
The versatility of fat transfer in facial surgery: a brazilian perspective 99819
Aotologous micrograft technology applied to the treatment of skin rejuvenation (unrestricted educational grant from Regenera Activa) View 100646
Facial myomodulation - Case report View 100168
A simple clinical application for locating the frontotemporal branch of the facial nerve using the zygomatic arch and the tragus View 99139
Multicenter observational study of the inherited external signs of face and neck aging in mother-daughter pairs View 100392
Regulating non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the United Kingdom View 100257
Distribution of cohesive polydensified matrix cross-linked hyaluronic acid volumizing gel in ex vivo human skin model (unrestricted educational grant from Merz Aesthetics) View 100162
Calcium hydroxylapatite microspheres provide organization into unorganized collagen networks leading to improvement of skin attractiveness (unrestricted educational grant from Merz Aesthetics) View 100163
NHET : Narrow Hole Extrusion Technique- a surgical pearl View 99514
Final results of study evaluating efficacy and safety of mixture of amino acids and sodium hyaluronate in combined therapy of skin aging treatment View 99267
Evaluation of various therapeutic modalities for the management of atrophic post acne scars View 100244
A case study to improve facial soft tissue asymmetry of lips with Damahn Line Acupuncture, the non-surgical acupuncture technique View 100170
Deliver the dream (unrestricted educational grant from Kims Med) View 99123
Acquired dermal melanocytosis associated with imatinib mesylate: a rare paradoxical side effect View 96107
Genital cosmetics: do not forget the vulva View 96118
Cosmetic genital procedures: the need for adjunctive therapies View 96424
Polydeoxyribonucleotides improve diabetic wound healing in mouse animal model or experimental validation (unrestricted educational grant from BR Pharm) View 100468
Effects of polydeoxyribonucleotides (PDRN) on wound healing: electric cell-substrate impedance sensing (ECIS) (unrestricted educational grant from BR Pharm) View 100469
Laser around the eyes: why, how and when? View 100264
Mucha-Habermann disease - Don’t miss the diagnosis: case report View 99928
Pustular penile pyoderma gangrenosum - Uncommon presentation case report View 99930
Double-branched transungual acquired fibrokeratoma: a case report View 100238
A puzzling crusted unilateral scabies lesion on the nipple View 100309
Comparative study of body contour and cellulite treatment using two vacuum-associated rediofrequency devices View 99839
Correction of gluteal area with injection of PLA filler View 100237
Natural asymmetry: learn to work jewelery View 95307
Pigmentation - Myths and reality: new treatment protocols View 95700
High global antioxidant protection (RMS) and stimulation of the collagen synthesis of new anti-age product containing an optimized active-mix (unrestricted educational grant from Vichy Laboratoires) View 100290
Aesthetic facial profiloplasty by rhino-genioplasty View 100298
Aesthetic Alar Contouring by Reversing Technique View 100308
Nasal Fibro-fat Graft in Aesthetic Radix View 100312
Aesthetic Functional Rhinoplasty in Deviated Noses View 100313
Modifying Tip Position in Aesthetic Rhinoplasty View 100315
Non-surgical rhinoplasty: less is more View 100316
Pearls and Pitfalls in the Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty View 100317
Post-marketing study to evaluate lip fullness, naturalness and both partner and subject satisfaction after treatment with HARK (unrestricted educational grant from Galderma) View 99888
Balance of firmness and flexibility for HA fillers (unrestricted educational grant from Galderma) View 99912
The very short scar temporal-brow lift, safe but effective combination of the traditional and new methods View 100288
The regenerative possibilities of exosomes and stromal cells in face skin rejuvenation View 100293
Platelet Rich Plasma as an Alternative Treatment for Alopecia View 100295
Aesthetic Gynecology: a Proposal for Procedures’ Classification and an Objective Clinical Exam View 100297
Treatment of Xanthelasma with Plasma Technology View 100300
Micrografting Technology Device for Idiopathic Frontal Alopecia Treatment View 100302
A real time, high performance skin cancer diagnostic device based on laser induced plasma spectroscopy and deep learning algorithm (unrestricted educational grant from Speclipse) 100516
Multistrata-oriented, pixelated & stacked Q-switched Nd:Yag laser treatment for chronic hypermelanosis in patients with ethnic skin View 99517
Rocha Technique: minimally invasive gluteal augmentation with polycaprolactone 100258
Use of radiofrequency in abdominal remodeling View 99924
Outstanding efficacy of bacterial recombinant haluronidase concerning a clinical case View 99870
Subject Satisfaction with a Twice-Yearly Retreatment Schedule for AbobotulinumtoxinA-Interim Results from a Multi-Center Study (unrestricted educational grant from Galderma) View 99884
Cervicofacial contour treatment with minimally invasive procedures View 100281
Case report: positive effect of hybrid stable cooperative complexes of high and low molecular weight HA in localized psoriasis plaques View 100255
Diagnostics and surgical treatment of consequences of the soft tissue augmentation with vaseline oil View 99383
Ultrasonic diagnostics of complications after lip augmentation and contour correction View 99506
Dermatofibrosarcoma- A rare soft tissue tumor: radical treatment followed by soft tissue defect repair View 100015
A randomized, blinded, no-treatment control, multicenter, prospective clinical study of a resilient HA for the treatment of moderate-to-severe perioral rhytids (unrestricted educational grant from Teoxane Laboratoires) View 100461
Autologous fat transfer for restoring symmetry after genital linear morphea View 99932
Effective treatment of Alopecia in male & female with biohair® 5% & 2% clinical study report (unrestricted educational grant from Qatar Pharma) View 100838
Multiple case report of cold machine for fat reduction & decreased waist circumference in 11 aesthetic centers View 94916
Cellulite Treatment using Lymphatic Drainage View 99078
A test under extreme conditions for melanoidins: an innovative adjuvant for sun protection in 5 siblings with Bloom syndrome View 96428
Effectiveness and safety of HARK in lip fullness augmentation and correction of upper perioral rhytids (unrestricted educational grant from Galderma) View 100139
Strategic implementation of minimally invasive treatments for the management of facial asymmetry View 95332
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