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Dr Haitham SALEH


Dr. Haitham Saleh is an assistant lecturer specializing in dermatology and venereology at Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt. He possesses a master's degree in dermatology and has experience as a resident of a prominent tertiary hospital located in the heart of Cairo. Throughout his residency, he successfully handled patients suffering from a diverse range of dermatological conditions. He had a strong interest in research during his time in college. During this period, he engaged in prolific writing, producing numerous pieces that were subsequently published and cited in reputable peer-reviewed journals. In addition, he has delivered abstracts at international conferences and received numerous scholarships to participate in other conferences. Cosmetology, a burgeoning field within dermatology, has captured the interest of both physicians and patients. He is eager to stay informed about that branch; therefore, he has participated in workshops to gain the most up-to-date injection abilities. In addition, he has joined prominent cosmetic organizations such as IMCAS with the intention of expanding and exchanging expertise in the rapidly developing field of cosmetology.

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