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Dr Alberto DIASPRO

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Alberto Diaspro has received his specialization in Maxillo-facial Surgery (2007) from the University of Turin. He obtained his post-graduate Aesthetic Medicine Diploma (2013) at the  S.M.I.E.M.- Agorà School in Milan and earned his Master of Sciences in Aesthetic Medicine and Therapy (2014) from the University of Camerino. He's actually involved in on-going Facial Plastic Surgery Master Programme in Tor Vergata University, in Rome.

Active member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (E.A.F.P.S.), of the Italian Association of Maxillo-facial surgery (S.I.C.M.F.) and of the Italian Association of Aesthetic and Functional Surgery of the Face (A.I.C.E.F.F.)

He is Chief Medical Officer of 'Rigeneralab - Center for Regenerative Medicine' in Turin, and works as a private consultant in maxillo-facial surgery and face aesthetic surgery. His activity mainly focuses on outpatient surgery procedures, and facial rejuvenation by means of combined techinques.

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