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Plastic Surgeon


After studies of medicine in Paris, Dr Fitoussi will be received to the boarding school of Paris in 1980 and specializes, very quickly, in the global coverage of all surgery of the breast (tumoral, malformative, reconstrutrive and esthetic). Doctor Alfred Fitoussi is general surgeon, considered in oncology, a graduate of microsurgery and plastic, esthetic and reconstructrive surgery.

Having spend ten years at the Hospital of Pitié-Salpêtrière, he integrates the team of the Institute Curie in 1994.He will develop the custom-made coverage of the breast cancer there, will participate in the hatching of the oncoplastie and in the development of the mammary reconstruction by prosthesis then by musculo-cutaneous scrap. The esthetic part of the care of the breast cancers, the reconstruction and the deformations becomes essential and is an integral part of the treatment of these mammary pathologies.

Doctor Fitoussi also published several works on the surgery of the breast : books of popularization, books of surgical techniques. In particular, two reference books : Oncoplastic and reconstructive surgery for breast cancer: The Institut Curie experience.  A. Fitoussi, B. Couturaud et R. Salmon. Editions Springer, 2009 and Chirurgie du cancer du sein, traitement conservateur, oncoplastie et reconstruction. Collection « Techniques chirurgicales ». Editions Elsevier Masson, novembre 2017 ;

He participates in the formation of the doctors and the surgeons who specialize in the surgery of the breast, is responsible for the D.I.U (inter-university diploma) of surgical techniques senologiques, carcinologiques and repair.

The innovation remains the essential point by developing more effective, less invasive and more stable new techniques in the time (oncoplastie, ADM, feeling, …) and also with breast surgery after bariatric treatment, malformation, …

Doctor Fitoussi is also responsible for the Center of the breast, situated in Paris 5th district.

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