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Dr Bernard ROSSI


Bernard Rossi, MD, is a Dermatologist in private practice and in France. He also serves as a Dermatologist at the University Hospital of Rouen. Dr. Rossi has expertise in lasers, filers, PDT, botulinum , lipolytic agent, cryosurgery and cryolypolysis , dermatology, allergology, surgery and cancer. He is a Clinical Speaker in surgical dermatology aesthetic and cosmetic and lasers in Paris University. He is Mas for procedural dermatolgy in Rouen university for aesthetic and procedural dermatology Dr. Rossi is an Assessor at the French Court of Justice (medicine, surgery, dermatology, aesthetic reconstructive surgery, and medical lasers). He is treasurer  of the laser group of the french dermatological society.He also serves as the Scientific Secretary of IMCAS, one of the major interdisciplinary meetings since the beginning.

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