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Plastic Surgeon

Dr Catherine Bergeret Galley is  board certified plastic surgeon , internationally recognized and frequently invited speaker whom belongs to the main societies  of plastic and aesthetic  surgery : SOFCPRE, SOCFCEP, ASAPS, ISAPS and honorary member of the plastic surgery society of Buenos Aires. She trained in Paris and  United States, in addition to accomplishing  her residency in France during 6 years with  2 years of experience in maxillofacial surgery focusing on facial development and  abnormalities, and  reconstruction after cancer then 2 years of specific  training in general reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Dr Bergeret Galley was chief resident and assistant at the University of Paris V for 3 years.Dr Bergeret Galley was also consultant for reconstruction in the department of post-traumatic and orthopedic surgery with Prof Alain Patel at Garches hospital , during 6 years. She is reviewer for the  Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal. She writes articles on fillers ,fat transfers and body contouring surgery. In private practice she still does reconstructive surgery  but focuses more on aesthetic facial rejuvenation, surgical and non surgical, aesthetic breast surgery , body contouring after obesity, genital surgery, fat transfer ( lipofilling) and stem cell stimulation. She is an expert in the chemical bio-compatibility of fillers and teaches a reasonable approach on new  fillers.
Dr Catherine is the general secretary of the SNCPRE and belongs to the board committee of SOFCEP
She was vice-president of ILLOUZ Foundation until 2016 .

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