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Pr Dae Hun SUH

South Korea
Professor in the Department of Dermatology, Seoul National University College of Medicine,South Korea. He is also the Director of Acne, Rosacea and Seborrheic Dermatitis Research Laboratory, SNUH. Professor Suh has been dedicated to the clinical and laboratory researches about acne and sebaceous gland–related disorders. He has published many articles in international journals and been involved in international projects. His activities in professional societies are as follows. President of Korean Society for Acne Research (2014 - present) Member of Global Alliance to Improve Outcomes of Acne (2012 – present) Associate Editor of “Dermatology” (2015 – present) Asian Acne Board (Representative of Korea) (2005 – present) Editorial Board of “Skin Appendage Disorders” (2017 – present) Organizer of 2012 Asia-Pacific Acne Symposium Executive Secretary, 8th Asian Dermatological Congress (2008) Council Member of Korean Dermatological Association (2013 – present) Auditor (2009 -2011) and Secretary General (2003 – 2007), Korean Society for Photomedicine
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