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Born on 28 November 1954 in FRANCE. University diploma of Medicine (LYON I - UER Alexis Carrel) 1987 Diploma (PARIS X) in European Masters of Medical Lasers 2010 Diploma (PARIS XII) in Injection and filling techniques in plastic and maxillo facial surgery 2012. President of SOMEREFs (French Medical Society for Research and Expertise in suspension sutures) Member of AFME (French Association of Aesthetic Medicine) Exclusive practice in aesthetic medicine since 1991, including deep peelings, fillers and botulinum toxin. Specialized in permanent threads lifting since 2002. (cf CV for workshops and publications) Inventor of X technique (2004) and Easylift® concept (2005) The interest to suspending threads, as a minimally invasive medical solution to perform face and neck lifts came to us in 2002. After years, many new threads, including resorbables, and numerous procedures appeared, making its visibility more difficult for patients or even practitionners. It became necessary to clarify, by creating a singular technique, powerful and regular, in which every thread action could be logically justified. The idea was first to precise the real needs and expectations of patients, and to propose the best scheme of implantation, requiring the bare minimum number of threads for a broad optimized lifting action on sagged tissues, along with an acceptable durability. Easylift® concept is our answer to these features of efficiency, reliability and regularity; - Including the treatment of temporal and malar areas with a real benefit for the look, - being conservative for the skin and avoiding scars and vascular damage due to scalpel action, - giving very satisfying natural look and long lasting results, - allowing original reactivation every three years by retightening the smooth threads curls. - being secure with the permanent possibility to know the threads location, Easylift®, now fully worked-out concept, can be considered as a credible alternative to surgical lift

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