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Dr. Eleana Ferrari is a medical doctor at the Limassol General Hospital Cyprus. She comes from a family of practitioners in the aesthetic field and is known for her holistic and professional approach to total facial rejuvenation planning, taking time to listen to her patient's concerns and requirements, to collaboratively come up with the most acceptable treatment plan that would suit each person's individual needs.She has an extensive training and experience in aesthetic medicine. She graduated from St. George Medical School in London.
Dr. Ferrari has a keen interest and focus on non-invasive aesthetic procedures for facial rejuvenation and enhancement to ensure clinical results with patient safety and lifestyle satisfaction so patients may continue with their everyday activities with very minimal or even no “downtime”.
Her diverse life experiences from living and working in the UK, in Italy and Cyprus allows her the understanding and balance when caring and treating patients from all backgrounds and ethnicities.
Dr. Ferrari has also competence and background in nutrition having completed a Master of Science in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health from the University of Bristol and in Medical Biochemistry having completed a Bachelor of Science in London. 

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