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Dr Frederic BRACCINI

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Frederic Braccini is Facial Plastic Surgeon (

He practices in Nice, France (“L’Artistique”, Medical Healthcare,

He graduated at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Marseille (Senior intern, hospital assistant and clinical head physician).

He was associate surgeon to the American Hospital of Paris (2009-2011) and works in private activity in Nice since 2001.

Affiliated to the french medical council since  1998. Affiliated  to the general medical council (UK) in 2014 and Switzerland Medical Council since 2015

He is an international expert in surgery and medicine aesthetic fields.

Numerous Teaching French Inter University diplomas (Paris, Nice, Lyon…)

Numerous private teaching courses in Europe. He performs a lot of conferences all over the world (USA; Boston Harvard University, New York; India New Delhi, EAU Dubai ; South Africa Cap town;  North Africa, Marrakech, Casablanca, Europe; France, Monaco, Italy; Bergamo, Milano, Napoli, Roma; Spain Barcelona, Sitges; Portugal Lisboa, Porto; Poland Varsovie Russia Moscow, Saint Petersburg; Switzerland, Geneva, UK, Coventry, Warwick…

Past-President of the Advanced Medical and Surgical Aesthetic Society (SAMCEP), Secretary for the French Society of Facial Plastic Surgery, he is also member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery and, the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe.

 Since 2014, he joined the American Society of Plastic surgeons.

He organized a lot of congress and published many scientific studies and books on facial plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Key opinion leader for several companies and scientific committees

He is the scientific co-director of Face2face congress, the Face Aesthetics Masterclass and, the Nice Rhinoplasty course.

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Frederic BRACCINI's publications (19)

[Botulinum toxin and rejuvenation of the eye].


Treatments with botulinum toxin in the forehead and periorbital areas may induce disappointing or even paradoxical results. Our study, focused on this area aimed at refining injection techniques by analyzing muscular balances and comparing the effect according to injection doses and topography. read more

Revue de laryngologie - otologie - rhinologie

Modern lipostructure: the use of platelet rich fibrin (PRF).


To evaluate the interest of growth factors adjonction during lipostructure. read more

Revue de laryngologie - otologie - rhinologie

New trends in rhinoplasty.


Rhinoplasty is one of the most interesting and complex aesthetic surgeries. It's main aesthetic and artistic goal is to enhance beauty by creating a harmonious natural looking face. There isn't one and only standard rhinoplasty procedure, but as many rhinoplasties as there are individual patients. Everyone seeks for more wellbeing and self-confidence in the quest of beauty. Along with facial aesthetic, rhinoplasty aims to improve the nasal breathing function, another important factor for patients. Rhinoplasties have evolved in much the same way as other plastic surgeries: more radical; more preserving of the function; and more simple both in concept and in procedure. Rhinoplasty procedures are simplified with the objective of reducing surgical trauma and optimising down time. It remains a surgical act, but newer fields of aesthetic medicine modify its philosophic and technical approach. Furthermore, approaches which propose an external approach and large dissection are now becoming less common. The developpement of aesthetic medicine is also one of the most recent and important "evolution corner" in the indication strategy. We can now modifiy and "sculpt" the nose by using fillers, with or without the use of botulinum toxin. In this article, the author describes his personal surgical strategies and the position of non-surgical solutions in the modification of the nose appearance. read more

Revue de laryngologie - otologie - rhinologie
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