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Dr George ZAHER

Plastic Surgeon

Dr George is a highly experienced plastic and hand surgery consultant and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons- FACS.

Dr George is more specialised in body contouring and facial surgeries gaining his experience by practicing in most leading hospitals worldwide as St.Michael's hospital in Toronto, St Barbara's hospital in New Jersey and Whiston hospital in Liverpool as well as being a member of British Society of Rhinoplasty Surgery (BSRS).

Dr George has a passion with hand surgery were he practised in klenert institute for hand surgery in kentucky, USA after obtaining his master degree in hand surgery from cairo university.

The Aesthetic field plays an important aspect in Dr George career. He obtained his master degree in aesthetic medicine from Queen's Mary University of London and practiced in most recognised aesthetic clinics in Beverly Hills, California and Harley St., London as well as being a certified injector worldwide.

Dr George has attended many conferences in plastic and reconstructive surgery as a speaker and organiser in Egypt and abroad.

Dr George believes that natural beauty is the key of natural wellbeing.

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