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Dr Georges Kamal ZIADE

Facial Plastic Surgeon
United Arab Emirates

Facial Plastic Surgeon in Lebanon and Dubai. Graduated as ENT Head & Neck Surgeon from the American University of Beirut and specialized in Facial Esthetic and Reconstructive surgery from Sophia Antipolis University, Nice-France. 

Assistant Professor in the Lebanese University and has more than 28 publications in his field.

International trainer and lecturer for many reputable companies.



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Georges Kamal ZIADE's publications (15)

Emulsified fat and nanofat for the treatment of dark circles.

Nov, 2020

This article is a short literature review on the possible etiologies and treatment options for dark circles. A detailed description about the use of autologous fat as a tool for treating dark circles is elaborated. The preparation and use of microfat, emulsified fat, nanofat, and nanofat gel is listed in details. read more

Dermatologic therapy

Hyperpigmentation after nonsurgical blepharoplasty using plasma technology.

07, 2020

Nitrogen plasma is considered nowadays one of the efficient treatment options for nonsurgical blepharoplasty. Although it is an overall safe treatment, it has some side effects. This short paper addresses the risk of hyperpigmentation following the use of plasma and list few suggestions on how to prevent it. read more

Dermatologic therapy

Age-related changes affecting the cricoarytenoid joint seen on computed tomography.

Aug, 2018

We conducted a retrospective chart review to compare four characteristics-cricoarytenoid joint ankylosis, narrowing, erosion, and density increases-in patients younger and older than 65 years. Our study population was made up of 100 patients, who were divided into two groups on the basis of age. The younger group (<65 yr) comprised 49 patients (27 men and 22 women), and the older group (≥65 yr) was made up of 51 patients (25 men and 26 women). Findings on computed tomography (CT) of the neck were used to determine whether each of the four characteristics was present or absent. Overall, we found only one statistically significant difference between the two groups: ankylosis was significantly more common in the older group (p = 0.036). When we looked further at the side of these anatomic changes, we found that the older group had significantly more right-sided and left-sided ankylosis than did the younger group (p = 0.026 for both), as well as significantly more left-sided narrowing (p = 0.028) (some patients had bilateral involvement). When we analyzed age as a continuous variable, older age was again associated with significantly more ankylosis (p = 0.047) and narrowing (p = 0.011). We conclude that CT can be useful for assessing radiologic changes in the cricoarytenoid joint in elderly patients during the workup of dysphonia and abnormal movement of the vocal folds. read more

Ear, nose, & throat journal
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