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Oculoplastic Surgeon

Guy J. Ben Simon, MD, is Professor of Ophthalmology, Master of Health Administration and Chairman of the Institute of Orbital, Ophthalmic Plastic and Lacrimal Surgery at the Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel. He has international standing in the field of oculoplastics and has published over 130 peer-reviewed scientific papers, also serving as reviewer for leading ophthalmology journals. Prof. Ben Simon is a much sought-after speaker at international conferences. He has also chaired many international conferences in Israel. Much of his scienti!c work is in collaboration with world-renowned researchers. He has been awarded numerous research grants and prizes for excellence in research. He established the Oculoplastics Fellowship Training Program at Sheba Medical Center and has trained many fellows and postdoctorate students. Prof. Ben Simon served as course instructor in orbital surgery in the American Academy of Ophthalmology and as a member of the Ophthalmology News and Education Committee (O.N.E. network). He was the Chairman of the Israeli Oculoplastic Society and the Chairman of the Ophthalmology Board Exams Committee, Israel Medical Association. His main fields of interest are orbital imaging, vascular malformations, thy-

roid eye disease, and orbital anatomy. He regularly participates in and directs voluntary missions to many third world countries to perform oculoplastic surgeries. He is a member of the Talpiot Medical Leadership program at the Sheba Medical Center, and an editor of the  Orbital Imaging Atlas under Springer publications. 

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