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Dr Hsien Li Peter PENG


Dr. Peter Peng is a board certified Dermatologist / Dermatological surgeon in Taiwan. Dr. Peng serve as executive director, Taiwanese Dermatological Association(TDA) 2018-2021 and director, Taiwanese Society for Dermatological& Aesthetic Surgery(TSDAS) 2016-2022 and President, Taiwan Society of Hair Restoration Surgery(TSHRS) 2016-2017. President, Laser and Photonics Medicine Society of the R.O.C. 2018-2020.

Dr Peng is the Founder & Director of Dr. Peng’s Dermatological, Cosmetic and Laser Clinic (P-Skin professional Clinic) in Taiwan. The clinic now have 9 full-time board certificated dermatologist, 2 part-time board certificated dermatologist and two part-time plastic surgeon working togather and have more than 40 different kinds of lasers and energy base devices.

Dr Peng went to Shanghai and other cities in China to do clinical treatment of Mainland China patients about toxin, fillers, lipolysis and thread lifting etc. 3-4 times a month since 2012.

Dr Peng has treated over  a hundred  thousand Asian patients in Taiwan and China, with toxins, fillers, thread lift, lipolysis, lasers, EBD, or a combination of above.

With more than two decades of experience, Dr. Peng is a world-renowned expert in many of the aforementioned fields, and has been invited to share his innovative aesthetic approach in over 200 events across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the North and South Americas.

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