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Dr Javier BEUT

Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Javier Beut works as an Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgeon specialized in Oculoplastic and Rhinoplastic reconstructive procedures, being member of the Rhinoplasty Society USA and Europe He has developed non surgical facial rejuvenation techniques like the "no touch for lip enhancement" “ Tent technique for cheek augmentation and anatomy algorithms to better understand the patient needs in procedures. He has been a pioneer in cadaveric studies demonstrated throughout his 3 D videos and live demos.With his mentor and partner, Dr Glenn Jelks organizes the B&J Oculoplastic Symposium in Palma de Mallorca, Spain(https://beutjelks2017.splashthat.com). Currently runs 2 days surgical &  Non-Surgical Course for Facial Rejuvenation & Cadaver Lab Palma de Mallorca-SPAIN He is an international speaker in many Symposiums and others institutions like the Stanford University- Dept Plastic Surgery, Global Humanitarian Medicine - in the USA. Since 1989 he is involved in Humanitarian Surgical Collaboration since he was a resident, founding in 2000 his non-profit organization, Cirujanos Plastikos Mundi, organizing workshops about Cleft Lip and Nose, Oculoplastics, Albino´s.. for doctors at the III World (or underdeveloped ).The aim of the foundation is education as a development tool : www.institutodrbeut.com: www.cpmundi.org www.rhinoplastysociety.org www.rhinoplastysociety.eu

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