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Dr Jong Seo KIM

Plastic Surgeon
South Korea

JongSeo KIM, MD. served as Professor in Inje university for the Department of Plastic Surgery.

He is also the Director for KIM-JongSeo plastic surgery clinic in Gang-Nam (Seoul, South Korea), which is “the best Clinic of facial bone contouring surgery” selected by "Health Department of Korean Government".

Now He is a President of Botox-Filler-Thread lifting study group of Korean Plastic & Reconswtructive Surgery Association.

Dr. Kim graduated top of Dankook University in Korea and took award of “Presidents of Oregon University” in USA and is a member of the Korean and Japan Society of plastic surgery and has also authored multiple publications and has given lectures worldwide for advanced uses of botulinum toxin, filler augmentation and facial bone surgery. 

Dr. Kim invented “HydroToxin method using an injector for dry and aging skin” and has development of patent technology from the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Published articles


Clinical Effects on Skin Texture and Hydration of the Face Using Microbotox and Microhyaluronicacid.

Multilayered injection of calcium hydroxylapatite filler on ischial soft tissue to rejuvenate the previous phase of chronic sitting pressure sore. 

Hyperdilution of CaHA fillers for the improvement of age and hereditary volume deficits in East Asian patients.

Novel Forehead Augmentation Strategy: Forehead Depression Categorization and Calcium-Hydroxyapatite Filler Delivery after Tumescent Injection.

Neocollagenesis in human tissue injected with a polycaprolactone-based dermal filler.

Tumescent anesthesia for reducing pain, swelling, and ecchymosis during polycaprolactone filler injections in the face.

Isovolemic Degradation of Polycaprolactone Particles and Calculation of Their Original Size from Human Biopsy.

Topographic computer analysis for acne scar treatment on face accompanying biopsy study after dermal injection of hydrotoxin mixture.


Effects of injection depth and volume of stabilized hyaluronic acid in human dermis on skin texture, hydration, and thickness.

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