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Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Luca Piovano earned a degree as a Plastic Surgery Specialist at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, graduated cum laude.

He attended some of the most prestigious centres for Plastic Surgery in the world, and teaches theoretical-practical courses specifically for aesthetic medicine.

He won the 1988 Culture Award issued by the Italian Government.

Nowadays Doctor Luca Piovano is an active member of many Scientific Societies (AICPE, ASPS, ISAPS, EASAPS, SICPRE) and He is currently working freelance in Italy..

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Luca PIOVANO's publications (2)

[Nonprogressive, late-onset atrophy of the cheek].

Dec, 2000

Lipodystrophies are rare conditions in which the most remarkable feature is an atrophy of the subcutaneous tissues. Until two decades ago, they were all considered under the name of "lipoatrophic diabetes", and only recently they have been properly classified. Currently four syndromes are recognized: congenital total lipodystrophy, late onset or acquired lipodystrophy, cephalothoracic or partial progressive lipodystrophy and partial face-sparing lipodystrophy. We report the case of a 73-year-old patient, long distance bus driver, who presented to our clinic for the correction of a malar atrophy located on the left side of his face. Until he was 48 years old his appearance was normal, but at the time he reports the slow onset of a facial atrophy which was confined to the cheek. The atrophy was very slowly progressing, so that at this moment at 73 years of age he presented to our observation for the correction of the asymmetry. Clinical examination and history oriented us towards a variation of Parry-Romberg's syndrome characterized by a non progressive late onset hemifacial atrophy. No muscle or bony involvement is present. No other important abnormalities, excluding a moderate hyperglycemia have been observed. A biopsy of the region shows a marked elastosis and a complete atrophy of the subcutaneous fat. Correction of the deformity was achieved with autologous fat injection and was still satisfactory after one year. read more

Minerva chirurgica

Recommendations for volume augmentation and rejuvenation of the face and hands with the new generation polycaprolactone-based collagen stimulator (Ellansé).


The range of fillers currently available for soft-tissue augmentation is constantly expanding. The latest advances in filler technology include collagen biostimulators that exert their esthetic effect by promoting neocollagenesis. One such product is the next-generation collagen biostimulator (Ellansé) that demonstrates properties as yet unseen in soft-tissue fillers. It is composed of polycaprolactone (PCL) microspheres in an aqueous carboxymethylcellulose gel carrier. Given its specific characteristics and the number of areas that can be treated with this innovative product, experts' recommendations were deemed necessary and are therefore presented in this paper with a specific focus on the indications, treatment areas and procedures as well as injection techniques. read more

Clinical, cosmetic and investigational dermatology

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IPRAS International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery