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Dr Luciani Ekaterina BILCHUGOVA


Dr. Bilchugova Luciani Ekaterina is the founder, director and lead practitioner at Aestheticmed Clinic, a qualified Doctor and practicing GP, Dr. Bilchugova  Luciani graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia) in 2003, Chieti State University (Italy) in 2005. Has diploma in medical and surgical trichology and nutrition. AAAM Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine 2018 (USA). Since beginning her career in non-surgical cosmetics at International School of Aesthetic Medicine (Rome, Italy) , she has developed a thriving dermatological (particular in aesthetics and trichological) practice with clinics throughout Italy. Dr. Bilchugova Luciani’s main focus has become set on the professional trichology and nutrition,  and aesthetic medicine of different fields, developing her own particular protocols.

Dr. Bilchugova Luciani is highly regarded in her field currently offers training in fine facial aesthetics internationally. 

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