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Dr Marwan ABBOUD

Plastic Surgeon

Marwan Abboud, M.D. is a Plastic Surgeon practicing in Belgium. He received his degree from ULB in Brussels. His practice is divided into four different axis:
1- Head of the division of Plastic surgery at "CHU-Tivoli", La Louviere, Belgium.
2- Surgeon at the” Polyclinique Du Val De Sambre”, Maubeuge, France
3- Surgeon at the "Hôpital Delta”, Brussels, Belgium.
4- "MA CLINIC" private clinic, Brussels, Belgium.

Dr Abboud’s area of research interest is in facial plastic surgery, liposculpture and fat grafting, as well as in breast and body cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He has been the innovator of several new concepts in breast cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, breast and buttock liposculpture and fat transfer as well as facial rejuvenation, which he has presented at several national and international meetings.

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