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Dr Mohamed Bouraoui KOTTI

Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kotti is a world renowned plastic surgeon who receives regular invitations to scientific meetings and conferences all around the world as a speaker, co-organizer and moderator.
He's a former esteemed editorial member and reviewer of the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal and the Plastic Aesthetic Research journal. He was in different occasions honored and awarded like by IPRAS in 2012 for "the Rising star" position or by IBC in 2013 for the "Cambridge Certificate for Outstanding Medical Achievement" or in 2016 as "the most outstanding cosmetic surgeon" by the Medical Livewire in UK.

Considered as an innovator and a real disruptor in the field of plastic surgery, Dr Kotti is the author of different theories and techniques published in different journals but also the "breast key book" untitled "the hidden stories of the breast" and the inventor of an original AI solution for breast ptosis diagnosis and treatment called the "Breast App.

Dr Kotti is practicing permanently in private setting in Dubai and Abudhabi.
In addition, to being an active and important member (1st National Secretary for Tunisia for 8 years ) of The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), Dr Kotti is also an esteemed and certified member of several other scientific societies like the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American society of aesthetic and plastic surgery. 

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