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Dr Muhammad AHMAD

Plastic Surgeon

The only surgeon in history of Pakistan to present a new classification system for documenting male pattern baldness, named as “Ahmad’s NPRT system”. His classification on scalp hair distribution (LGMA classification) is the unique and presented first time in the history. He has developed Ahmad’s Cosmetic Surgery Scar Assessment Scale (CSSAS) published and presented in National & International conferences and Journals. He is the first surgeon in the world to develop Hair Transplant Assessment Scale.

Dr Muhammad Ahmad is the only Pakistani Plastic Surgeon to receive the Merit Award by the Australian and New Zealand Burns Association in 2004. He also received the FIRST prize in annual meeting of Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AAHRS) held in Bangkok, Thailand in 2017. He has also developed a new generation of punches for Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) named as "A-design"

Dr Ahmad is the Editor of Pakistan Journal of Plastic Surgery (Pakistan), Journal of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology (USA) and Newsletter of Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AAHRS). He is also a Reviewer of various International Journals. 

Dr Ahmad is the Founder Life Member of Hair Restoration Society of Pakistan and also the Editor of the Newsletter.

He is the leading author in more than ONE Hundred National and International publications. He is a regular presenter/speaker in national and international conferences. His surgical techniques are published in various plastic surgery journals.

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Muhammad AHMAD's publications (26)

"Profilometry in rhinoplasty: The use of gadgets".

Mar, 2020

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Journal of cosmetic dermatology

Battle of the punches: Comparison of transection rates of different punches during FUE.

Dec, 2019

To know the transection rate using three different kinds of punches of the same size (0.9 mm). read more

Journal of cosmetic dermatology

Effect of syringe size on severity of pain during local anesthesia administration.

Dec, 2019

To know the pain intensity experienced by the patients using the two different syringes keeping the needle size constant. read more

Journal of cosmetic dermatology
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