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Dr Nejat CAN

Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr.Nejat CAN, born in 1970 Urumqi, China. He graduated as a general practitioner from Xinjiang University - People's Republic of China. He has also specialized in Cosmetic Surgery at Beijing Medical University and Xinjiang Medical School. Dr.Nejat Can then completed his studies on practical Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Aesthetic Medicine in Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, France, Italy and Spain. In the Society of Aesthetic Medicine Singapore, he completed all his training on Face and Body Aesthetics with Organic Thread Lifting Threads on "All About THREADS".    Dr.Nejat Can is an Official Member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Also completed Issued by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine: "Korean Advanced Facial & Body Techniques Master Class" "Fat Grafting Asia Master Class" "Facial Aesthetic Surgery Master Class" Dr.Nejat Can has completed his education and is a freelance physician in Istanbul.

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