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Dr Ozgur Ridvan LEYLEK


Over 20 years experienced ObGyn from Istanbul / Turkey. Interested fields are; Female Pelvic Floor Reconstruction, Female Functional Aesthetic Genital Surgery and Non-Surgical Procedures, Female Sexual Disfunctions, Non-Surgical Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine, Non-Surgical Body Shaping. He is the founder and president of (Turkish) Aesthetic Gynecology Association (EJD), Female Aesthetic Genital Academy (FAGA) and founder of FEMALE CLINIC, member of board director of Turkish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (MESTDER) and (Turkish) Mesotherapy Society (MEZODER), scientific board member of International Society of Reconstructive Aesthetic Intimate Treatments (ISRAIT) and the member of Turkish Gynecology and Obstetric Society (TJOD), Association of Turkish Urogynecology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery (TJUD), European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology (ESAG) and International Society of Gynecology, Aesthetic and Research (ISGAR). He is one of the international well-known speaker and trainer on Female Functional Genital Aesthetic. He is still working in his own clinic (Female Clinic) in Istanbul / Turkey. Social media-Contact / Instagram / Facebook : @op.dr.ozgurleylek

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